Wednesday, 19 September 2018

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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Ski Trip


Success Criteria:
  • I will discuss and demonstrate my understanding of the Skier’s Code of Conduct in
  • pre-ski discussion and through my actions on the ski field… making responsible and
  • appropriate choices throughout Ski Day.
  • I will undertake ski/snowboard lessons suitable for my skill level, seeking to
  • improve my technique and control.
  • I will be correctly equipped for my participation in Ski Day.
  • I will create a response to the ski trip to share my new learning.

One day we went up to the porters ski field and had a day up there. Our teacher
sent out notes for year 8/7s and they said, “Ski trip woo hoo!” I  went up in Rowan
Parson’s car group, the road was rocky and bumpy.

We went up the ski field to help people learn how to ski. I am alright at skiing I got up the
intermediate but fell over a little bit.