Thursday, 13 December 2018

The Great Adventure Story

The Great Adventure Story

After a hard working day stuck in an office doing inked paperwork, waiting
for the weather to clear for the right moment to just bike away, Patty's bright
blue eyes stared straight out his glazed window. He sees Rose walking out of
the corner com shop with a fresh blonde styled hairdo. Patty opens the half bay
window and yells out, “Oi Rose, look up!” Rose stares directly at Patty.
“Should we go for a ride after work?”
She slowly nods and walks away.

A couple of minutes later… the phone starts to vibrate. Patty picks up.
“Hello, Rose here, do you want to meet for lunch and talk about the bike ride?”
Patty replied, “Yes, why not, I was going that way anyway.”
While Patty waits for the time to turn up for lunch, his work phone vibrates.
“Vim! vim!” As it shakes the desk he grabs his work phone to turn off his
lunchtime notifications.

Patty strolls happily down to the slow elevator. He presses the button on the
side of the wall.
“Bing! Bong!” rings the bell of the elevator as it comes down to his level.
The gliding doors slide open and the scary boss man steps out. With a deep
moan he explains, “This business is relying on you and your paperwork, I don't
want you to see you taking long lunch breaks like last week!”
“I won’t take long breaks again I promise, but tomorrow can I have a day off?” snapped Patty.
“I suppose so,” agreed the Bossman. Patty walks off like a little kid just getting told off.
Patty mumbled deeply to himself,
“What a douche, I don’t even know his name, I might ask him next week when
he is in a good mood.” Walking and wandering down the never-ending hallway
lined with photos of highly ranked bosses. I look left and see the lovely DL (desk lady),
“Hey Patty how's your day?” asked the DL,
Patty wailed back,
“Good thanks DL I'm just heading out for lunch, watch out for Boss he isn't in a
good mood!” The big sliding door open and the sun blazes in, “Awww my eyes!
I definitely need to wear sunglasses next time.” mumbled Patty. As he walk down
to the Chinese bar about 2 blocks away, he pass Rose’s work building and she
is 20 floors up in the lawyer room. He got to the bar and he sat outside waiting,
here comes Rose in a fancy tucked suit with her hair tied in a bun. Patty gretes
Rose to the large spinning table and they looked at the Menu, “Do you want to
start off with an on tray?” suggested Patty,
“Alright let's look for something, do you like shrimp?” Replied Rose.
“Yea I love shrimp, let's get one each,” advised Patty,
The waitress walked fastly to them, “How can I help you?” asked the skinny waitress,
“Can we have the shrimp cocktail please, make that two,” stated Rose.
“Yes, coming right up.”
Half an hour later…
“Sorry guys your order is still growing in the tank,” joked the waitress with a
little chuckle, “It will be there in a moment,”
One minute later…
“Yay, I'm starving,” wept Rose. They both finished the cocktail, Patty wailed,
“I feel so full, so do you want to talk about the bike ride? do you want to do it
after work or tomorrow?”
Rose explained, “I am busy after work today but I have no work tomorrow so why not,
Where do you want to go”
Patty replied, “I have the day off to! Why don’t we got to the forestry block for a ride,
what time do you want to meet there?”
Rose replied again, “10:30 maybe, to give each other time to get ready and yea why not?”
“Perfect, see you then.” They both walk out of the Chinese shop and follow each
other to there work.
The next day…

“Oww the bike ride I remember, I better get ready!” whispered Patty to himself looking
like an idiot, he got suited up into cross country racing slick suit and got his flash
new bike that he boasted (bragged) about all weekend, then he grabbed his camel
pack with water in it out off the freezer and buzzzzzz power bars and a protein
sandwich in his tiny bag.

He drove to the forestry slowly with his fancy bike that cost more than his car on the
back, the waits for Rose to arrive,
3 minutes later…
Patty started out the back window and saw this big 4x4 truck come rolling down the
road. She pulled up beside Patty, “Hey do you like my ride? It is my brothers
because mine broke down,” explained Rose, “Yea, it looks beast but where is your bike?”
sobbed Patty. “It is in the back,” noted Rose.

They both unloaded and locked there vehicles, they started to bike down the long
dirt road to the entrance,
“Rose, I'm worried!” muttered Patty,
“Why?” asked Rose,
“Because I didn't pump my tires up before and I think I might have a flat,” moaned Patty,
“Ah no” worried Rose, as they try and find a way out, it starts to rain, not only rain, “Hail”
yelled Rose. “I didn't pack my raincoat Rose!” sobbed Patty, as his cold coat hits his warm
sole with a big thud, he stops with a jolt, “Rose come back I need help!” he yelled, “Rose stop!”
“What has happened now?” yelled Rose, Patty stopped and sat his bike down on its
side and started to walk back and forth to get warm. “Come here Patty,” suggested Rose,
“Sit down and take this.” She game him one of her coats from the bottom of her pack.
Rose demanded “We need to get cover somewhere the weather doesn't look good,
“Look, I know this block like the back of my hand I will ride back to the truck and
bring it to you, sound like a plan?” “Yea, but how long will It take you to get here?”
studded Patty, “I won't be that long, may be about 20 minutes max,” snickered Rose
trying to calm Patty down. “Alright, fine then but ride fast because I don’t want to be
out here on my own,”

An hour and a half later… “I'm starting to get worried, im scared now!” yelled Patty
“Ok, it's all over now just come out im scared!”

Another two hours later...  “Hello can you hear me?” yelled this strange voice of into
the distance, “Can you see me?”
“No, but I can hear you!” replied Patty, Then he sees this weird man with a
luminescent light up Christmas tree strapped to his back, “Awww what is that?”
whispered Patty as the wired man walked closer he started to sing this weird theme
song, “Nanananananananananananana!” tainted the soon to be know named man,
“Festive bush man!” but he wasn't alone he had about one hundred give or take little
minions goblems under stones and moss behind him. They came through and swiped
Patty up from under his feet and started to sprint. “How fast can you go?” yelled Patty,
then they stated to go faster and faster, Tree man was riding the amazing bike behind the
goblems. The goblems took him all the way back to the car, and there he meet Rose.
In a nervous tone, “Don’t even ask what happened, short story short you won’t believe me…”


Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Smart Maths Board

On Friday we presented our Science/Maths boards to the school. Classes came around in packs to check our boards and do our activity. I played a card game like Last Card but the 2 makes you roll the "dice of death." If you don't land on 5 or 2 you are out of the game. This was very fun and I think everyone enjoyed it.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Chance and Probability Investigation

Chance and Probability Investigation

We will have met the success criteria when we have
completed the Chance and Probability five step investigation
and shared these as a DLO.

If have a hat filled with 12 cards, 6x2, 4x2, Qx2, Ax2, a 5, a 3, a 9 and a
single 2, the challenge is to pick up the 2 what is the chance that you will pick up the 2?

I think it would around 25% of picking up a 2.

I am going to ask 10 kids in my class to pull a card out of the hat, here is the
results in a tally chart:
The 2 card:
Not the 2 card:
卌 ||

So looking at the tally chart it has a less than 50% chance to pick the 2 card out of the hat.

I think I was close with my prediction.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Chance and Probability game

Players comments: 
Jennae: I thought the game looked fun and easy.
Grace: It was really easy to learn because I knew how to play Uno. I thought it was really fun and I enjoyed playing it. 
Rebekah: It was fun, and it was easy to learn.